General Supervision

  • 1 adult for every 8 Scouts
  • Supervision ratio is 1 counselor to every 10 campers. 20% of counselors can be 17 years old.


Buddy system – Scouts are to use the buddy system while on the Reservation.

On trails there are sign in and out tags. Tags are checked on a daily basis and periodically during day. Nature Director is the person responsible for monitoring tags and whereabouts of the campers.

Adequate Supervision

Adequate supervision at Scout Camp shall mean:

  • Supervision such that a camper is protected from any unreasonable risk to his or her health or safety, including physical or sexual abuse or any public health hazard; and
  • As a minimum, there shall exist visual or verbal communication s capabilities between camper and counselor during activities and a method of accounting for the camper’s whereabouts at all times.

The ratio of counselors to campers will be 1:10

  • During passive activities the ratio will be no greater than 1:25. A passive activity is defined as an activity which takes place in a defined area, where participants are spectators or have limited mobility and use no tools or equipment (other than computers). Examples of passive activities include but are not limited to: religious instruction, storytelling, art, viewing movies or drama, singing, and board games. Also included: lectures, basketry, art, pottery, and nature observation.
  • During activities such as hiking, fishing, and following a compass course on camp property the traditional Boy Scout safety training and the buddy system allow boys to be out of visual or verbal range. Use of sign in/out logs will account for boys and monitoring will be maintained. If a buddy team does not sign in after the 90 minute period the camp administration will be notified.
  • General supervision ratio’s on the waterfront will be 1:10. Trained Scout Leaders placed on the water and in the tower will supplement staff lifeguards (all of which are 17 years old minimum). 1 qualified lifeguard will be provided for every 25 swimmers/boaters.